Field Change Time for Linked Problems


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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Sorry to say, I do not believe this is possible.

    If you take one incident ticket include in Rows:

    • Changes Field Name

    You will find that the 'Ticket Problem ID' filed is not tracked. And because it is not tracked as an event in Explore, you cannot report on it.

    So in Explore, you can only say what the problem ticket associated with an incident is, but not when it was associated. 

  • Kerry Charlton

    Hi Travis,

    We built a standard calculated attribute to look at the timestamp from when a custom checkbox was checked.

    IF ([checkbox name] = "TRUE" ) THEN [Ticket updated - Timestamp] ELSE "" ENDIF

    This essentially provides the timestamp in the report.

    We then created a standard calculated metric to look at the time difference between when the checkbox was checked and the ticket creation date.

    IF ([checkbox name Timestamp - Date/Time]= "")
    THEN -1
    ELSE DATE_DIFF([checkbox name Timestamp - Date/Time],[Ticket created - Timestamp],"day")

    I don't know if the same theory can be applied to measure the time between incidents and problems. 

    Note: When a ticket is closed by the platform, this event timestamp will override all of the above. So you would have to regularly run the report and export the data



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