Incorrect Satisfaction Ratings

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  • Andrew Soderberg
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    We have had the same issue in about the same time period (beginning of Q4 till now). We also have checked with customers and have heard similar responses (customer did not respond to survey, or attempted providing good rating response). Prior to October during 2019 we have not had this issue.

    In 2018 we did have this same issue happening (mostly from a number of our Chinese corporate customers). At that time Zendesk provided the same possible cause and soft response (suggesting we use a link to a page that contained the survey). Zendesk showed no interest in fixing the issue. As we are using the Zendesk provided CSAT survey, we too feel that Zendesk should rework the survey to provide a fix or provide an alternative way to resolve the issue, rather than suggesting we try to solve it ourselves.

  • Dan Cooper
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    +1 here.  I have a ticket in for bad satisfaction surveys that didn't quite make sense and our customers stated they didn't submit them.  Our feedback was that this was likely related to the details indicated in this post which cover link expanders and such.

    What I had hoped to understand is if there were other identifiers that we could use to understand if the submission was human or not and I learned that the links are tokenized and once they are clicked, the requester is associated with the action.  At least with another level of context, I'd be able to dig in and see if there were any red flags to determine if a customer rating might be incorrect. 

  • Jean Smith
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    We have also experienced this same thing.  We received an increase in Bad ratings in Q4. Upon checking, multiple customers stated they did not submit a Bad rating.  One customer stated they auto filter those emails into a separate email folder and that mail was still in an unread state.  Is Zendesk looking into this?  Once we miss the small window to have a customer change their response, there is no way to correct.  

  • Bill Cicchetti
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    We had the same issue,  Once we made the suggested change the issue has not reared its head again.  The lingering issue was the inability to go back and change/remove the bad ratings once the ticket moved to a Closed status.  We have to manually add a filter to the reports to ignore that list of tickets affected by this issue.


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