Can Zendesk be used as an Identity Provider?


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  • Maggie Ungerboeck
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    Hi Chaz,

    We have this exact business case and found that we couldn't use Zendesk as an Identity Provider. We are testing OAuth right now as a potential solution but the technical team isn't completely happy with it. As we progress through the process, I'll share what we learn along the way.


  • Alexander Popa
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    Hi Chaz and Maggie! 

    Zendesk is a service consumer and it can only be used to authenticate users from an external platform. Once your users are authenticated against your online learning platform, you could then send the SAML assertion and allow them to authenticate to your Zendesk account.

    If your users authenticate to your platform and this is sharing the same Single Sign-On details with your Zendesk account, then your users will be able to access the Zendesk Guide articles without being prompted with a new login request. However, the assertion would need to be passed from your IdP, or an external SSO tenant.

    One example, could be using this provider that would allow you to synchronise the user database. Thus, your users could login to any of the 2 accounts at the same time. More details on how to set up SSO with SAML can be found in this article.

    You could also apply a workflow, where you would use OAuth to authenticate Zendesk API requests on your online web platform. This allows you to pull specific content form your Zendesk account and Guide content against your online platform.

    Nevertheless, you could also pull the content of your Guide articles via our Help Center API endpoints and this would ensure that you provided your users with an updated and dynamic experience, where articles would be displayed directly against the web platform.

    I hope this helps!


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