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  • Amanda Oka

    Hello David,

    You could create a nested group for outdated macros.  Rather than updating the same macro, rename it to be outdated and clone it.  You could use versions in the title if you'd like.  The cloned macro will adopt the original title so it appears there is no change to the agent.  The double colon :: is what creates the nesting, in case you didn't already know. :) 

    OLD = Outdated :: Macro Title 123 v.1 

    NEW = Macro Title 123 v.2

    Best of luck finding the solution that works for you!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    That's a great suggestion, Amanda Oka! Thanks for sharing.

    David Dean there are also some suggestions in my post in this conversation on keeping your macros organized - some users suggest using TRello or JIRA to keep track of their macros.

  • Emily Knox

    +1 to the original request! We've had an issue where an agent (or agents) changes the title to a totally random word and it confuses the other agents when they suddenly can't find a macro. We have no way of knowing who is doing it and team announcements/reminders just haven't done the trick in preventing it.

    Organization is not the issue here; our team already uses the double-colon to file macros into proper categories/"folders," but rather transparency and accountability for changes made (in our case, I think they're being made accidentally and we just want to prevent that). Adding another manual step or tool would be disruptive to our workflow.

    Revision history already exists for Guide so it seems reasonable that the same feature could be added to a different content editor (macros in this case). Would appreciate the consideration!


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