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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey James,

    Have you had a chance to view our Google Analytics and Help Center - Part 3: Tracking customers' actions as well as Google Analytics and Help Center - Part 5: Capturing Help Center user data articles?

    The information within those articles should help get you the data you're looking for.

    My knowledge around Google Analytics is rather limited but hopefully that helps!

  • Jeremy Robinson

    I attempted to go down the path of Google Analytics when wanting to track this type of information on our own HC (Help Center) Guide data, but it was not super intuitive for how granular we were looking to get, and required a lot more time to customize than I had or was willing to put in. 

    While not always ideal as it's a paid-for option, I highly recommend the use of Pendo if it's an option in your org or something they would consider implementing.

    For us, Pendo required a quick code snippet (that they already have written and ready for your Pendo account) to paste into our document_head.hbs file (allows us to capture information regardless of "where" they come into the HC from), a minuscule amount of code to capture pertinent Zendesk user info (user ID - not their name or email, but the hard-coded numeric ID that is given to them by Zendesk at user creation), organization ID, etc.

    We can easily track users, orgs, or follow the paths people take when visiting our HC to better understand their behaviors and where we can continue to make the biggest impacts on the HC.


    There are other 3rd party options out there that can tie in nicely to Zendesk to help improve your administrative experience and your user's overall experience, but those will be a matter of what's necessary for you and your team/org, as well as what tool gives you the most bang for your buck!

  • James Villanueva

    Thanks Brett & Jeremy.


    However we wanted to pull the user info from Zendesk since Google Analytics can't really tell if the person is signed in, or if the person has an account with us. Luckily, we are moving to Pendo quite soon so that is quite fortunate~




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