Guide improvement: proactive in "broken link" issue when an article is deleted

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  • Jay Lee

    Yes, I definitely agree with this suggestion of adding some sort of link management features.  Or even as suggested a way to search for links through an Article ID filter option.  Also, 1-to-1 redirects out of the box is pretty crucial need as well.  Thank you

  • Patrick Morgan

    1000% upvote on this. I document a SaaS platform that is always changing, so our documentation strategy has to be agile too. A lot of times that means changing our information architecture in ways that require deprecating articles in favor of new ones.

    Any of the following features would be super welcome:

    • Being able to see where an article is linked elsewhere in my Guide
    • Getting a warning when you are archiving/deleting an article that is linked elsewhere in my Guide
    • Create and manage redirects for archived/deleted articles.

    Currently, to address this, I have to have someone from my internal team pull the HTML from all our articles through the Guide API, and then I search for the relevant article ID across all those articles so I can make the updates manually in Guide. Not ideal lol!


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