Zendesk & Instagram Integration Needed

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  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jean - 

    Thanks for your feedback. I've passed the information about Helphouse along to our team that manages partnerships. 

    As far as an integration goes, Instagram doesn't have an official open API, which is one of the reasons we haven't developed an official app of our own. Instagram also does not currently officially support direct messaging. 

    We will keep your post open so that other users can up vote the idea and share their own use-cases, as it would be helpful to know how important this request is and to how many users. However, until Instagram opens an API we can use for this purpose, we may not be able to pursue development. 

  • Jean Galli

    Thanks for the prompt reply. No one has ever shared there was not an API for Instagram- that makes sense (sadly) why the integration can not be created. Please do! Also it helps us to know which developer has a reliable IG App. Either no no reviews exist or few/mixed currently. Thanks again! :)

  • Au Finh Saechao

    Really? I had no idea ZD didn’t have a native IG channel. That’s interesting. Will look into their APIs!

  • Jean Galli

    Please do! We need something that works for both IG posts and DMs. Happy to pay for something that works!


  • Hans Andersen

    Hi Jean

    Please see our instagram channel https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/instagram-channel/? 

    If you have any issues or feature requests please reach out to our support at support@helphouse.io 

    There is nothing that we have wanted to do more than integrating DM's, but unfortunately Instagram/Facebook do not allow external developer to integrate with Instagram DM, which is why there is not integration for this. I have heard rumors about Zendesk being in dialog with Facebook about an integration between Zendesk message (Smooch) and Instagram DM's, but for the time being this is blocked by Facebook.

    I hope that answers your request, even though I am not able to give you all the features you are looking for :)

  • Frédéric

    +1 !!

    I don't get why it doesn't exist, specially since it's own by facebook and facebook is integrated.

    I can't believe in 2020 there is no solution for that...

    If helphouse can do it, zendesk should be able too!

    Please make that happen !!!

  • Hans Andersen

    Hi Frédéric

    As I pointed out earlier you can only point you frustration towards Facebook. The lack of Instagram DM's in Zendesk has nothing to do with Zendesk or the Instagram Channel, but has to do with Facebook don't want us to do DM integration with Zendesk.

    Once it is technically possible to do Instagram DM integration it is only a matter of time before it is integrated with Zendesk.

  • Melissa

    We would also love to see IG post and DMs integration with ZD! Would make life for our team so much better containing post/DMs to one channel! Thank you!


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