Export report with Clickable Links?

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  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sydney Neubauer,

    Many thanks for your feedback. I do understand that you & your reports' consumers may want to quickly look at a specific ticket that is laid out in the report, and that it would be good to make it "one click away".

    We are currently planning some improvements to our PDF and Excel exports. If we were able to keep the links in the PDF and Excel exports, would that address your need?

    Kind regards


  • Sydney Neubauer

    That would be absolutely perfect! Just a way to have clickable links remain clickable links

  • Sydney Neubauer

    If maybe one day we could have it where the report is not an attachment, that would be beneficial. It would decrease the odds of the report getting ignored and save Agent's from needing to download the attachment. It saves them an extra click

  • Tina Yates

    I second what Sydney is asking for.  I need exported reports to work within other reports and do this tens of times a day, this will add on to my daily work.  I know it is only a couple of clicks per email but it is inefficient.

  • Roksan Yazman

    I third Sydney Neubauer & Tina Yates' requests. Clickable links within PDFs/Excels would be an improvement, but from my perspective (and with our process today) a huger win would be to be able to replicate the "Inline" scheduled report functionality of Insights/GoodData in Explore, where we are able to navigate to a link within the report with a single click from within the email body. If that's on the roadmap at all, we'd sure appreciate it!

  • Tina Yates

    Absolutely Roksan Yasman, that is another major item "inline" report functionality that is needed.  I don't even understand how some of these basic items are missing from Explore.  Explore email reports are inefficient and create more work and I don't think a new product should do that.

  • Catherine Michalak
    Community Moderator

    This would definitely be useful in excel or other formats of extracted reports. We have teams that do analysis work on huge data dumps outside of explore because it faster, friendlier, etc and it would help them to be able to easily link out and access a ticket via the URL which is already in the excel table just not in a clickable format. 

  • Paul Wade

    zendesk zendesk - Product Team

    Where are we with these requests? Clickable links in reports and clickable links in exported Excel Reports? Also emailed reports with clickable links rather than a PNG image of a report.

    There are many messages saying this is on the Road Map and these are old messages. Can we see the Road Map what is a higher priority?


  • Sam Donovan

    Hello Team - Is there an update to this?

  • Adrian M.

    Is there anyone to answer on this less than one month before the mandatory migration to Explore?

  • Kirsten Harczynski

    Just sharing how I do a work around in Excel in case it helps anyone!

    If Column A has Ticket IDs:

    In cell B2 I use this formula (change out the YourZendesk part of the hyperlink) ="https://YourZendesk.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/"&A2

    In cell C2 use this formula =HYPERLINK(B2)

    And now you have clickable links, just copy the formulas down! Excel tables makes this a lot easier.


  • Joy Wingert


    at present, when exporting the list of guide articles from the dashboard.. I get the html code for the link to the article - now I have to manually strip this out for my presentations. 

  • CJ Johnson

    I would love to see this, it was so nice that you could have working links in exports from Insights. 


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