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  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing that feedback, Samantha. We'll keep your post open so that other users who would also like to see this functionality developed can up-vote your post and add their thoughts in the comments below. This helps our product managers gauge interest and need, so that they can prioritize high-demand features. 

  • Richard Leal

    This would be a great feature! Wanting to add a little to it actually.

    - Phone number from the user

    • in a queue line so as an admin you could see if you had a recurring caller waiting in line. This would help to see if someone is needing extra care, harassing the call center, etc.

    - Reason why call was abandoned

    • I'm gonna be honest I can't think of how you would get that information unless you had a hangup survey or something. However, at least having the ability to see the average abandonment time would be great to see.
    • This would require that they fix the average wait time though as that currently runs on a 24hr scale and not a business scale so unless average wait is fixed this feature wouldn't work

    - Time before the user hung-up/was transferred to voicemail

    • This also would be used as an average time (average abandonment time, average to voicemail time)
    • Typically people forced to voicemail are once they exceed the queue wait time however, seeing what the average "voicemail request" time is would be good (still needing to fix average wait time in order to accommodate this).

    - Have the link to the ticket created

    • This feature I believe is already available at the admin level. When under the "live call" dashboard you can click on the tickets that are created once the call is answered.
    • If this is in reference to abandoned or voicemails though I am unsure as to how this would work in honesty as it will create tickets for all of those if those features are enabled inside Zendesk.


    I would like to say though that seeing the ticket numbers and such is available in explore currently


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