Zendesk Round Robin App vs. Playlist Ticket Assignment App

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  • Nils Rebehn

    Hello Matt,

    We do have experience the Round Robin App. Some of our clients (we are a Zendesk Partner) have used it - not all of them were happy though.

    I can’t say anything about the Playlist other than it’s much newer.

    However, what is the underlying issue you are trying to solve? Do agents not pick up tickets? Do they avoid (cherry pick) tickets? Why is that so? And do you really need an app for that?

    I’m always advising to use native functionality first before considering something else. A built-in feature will more likely work and be updated than something else.

    In a well working workflow, and with a good team, you have tickets flowing into the right teams/groups/views and the team. From there tickets will be picked up and solved. Prioritise them by requester date, SLA or something else and monitor your agents.

    Hope that helps

    Nils / Guidoo Services

  • Matt

    Hi Nils,

    That's very helpful, thanks! I was interested in trying a round robin approach to see if it might increase agent speed. I'm not seeing particular trends of agents avoiding tickets. I'm really just interested in experimenting.


    Thanks again!






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