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  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Currently, we have not implemented restrictions on use or creation of articles beyond access to edit articles. Do you have a particular scheme that you would want to implement for your organization? Which users should be able to use content blocks and which should be restricted?


  • Ryan Boyer

    Ryan McGrew Thanks for the response, Ryan. I'm thinking that this would be something where someone with "editing" permissions could create new content blocks and add an existing content block, but someone with "publishing" permissions could edit existing blocks and delete them. The way I see it working right now is that someone who just has "editing" permissions could make changes to a content block across articles without having it reviewed by someone with "publishing" permissions.

  • Kalle Windefalk

    Ryan McGrew the lack of restrictions for content blocks bypass our publication flow.

    When an article is already published and a content block is edited by an agent without publish permission, the agent can publish the article without a review. The agent can edit other parts of the article than the content block so this is a problem for us. 

    Are there any attempts to adress this?

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Kalle Windefalk

    Even though, as you said, content blocks don't have separate permissions at the moment, what you are describing is not the designed behavior. Currently, once you update the content block and click "Update all articles" the changes are reflected in them but not published, all the articles containing this changed content block move to "In progress" state and have to be published individually or by bulk action. 

    As for the changes to the restricted articles. The intended behavior is as follows:
    1. Article 1 is restricted to admins only, it contains block content A
    2. Article 2 is available to everyone, it contains content block A
    3. An agent can access and change content block A from article 2, when the update to content block is saved both article 1 and article 2 reflect this change and move to "in progress" state, but are not published. An agent still should not have edit access to the restricted article 1, so she should not be able to make any changes to it or access content block from its level.

    If this is not how it works for you now please let me know.
    As for separate permissions for content blocks, this is something that we are planning to add in the future.


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