Answer bot in Swedish

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  • Tobias F

    Yes agree, hopefully support for Swedish can be added soon.

  • Mèlanie Stouten


  • Ronnie Åstrand

    Any updates on this ? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Ronnie, 

    There are no plans for adding Swedish at this time. While there are clearly a few users here who would like to see it, we haven't seen it as a high priority amongst a significant enough number of users yet. 

  • Mats

    We have several customers looking for the Answer Bot in Swedish. The current situation stops companies from launching Messaging. It would be nice if you could publish a release plan with the coming languages and put Swedish high on the list. You have already introduce Danish, I doubt the user demand was higher.


  • Helena Hansen

    I agree, support for Swedish should be prioritized high and added shortly. 


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