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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Michael, and welcome to the Zendesk Community!

    If other users would be interested in this functionality, please up-vote Michael's post and share any additional thoughts, details, or use cases in the comments below.

  • Leah
    Zendesk Voice of Customer Team

    Hi Michael, 

    Thanks for the feedback! As a former agent for Zendesk, I totally can relate to this need. I want to make sure we're advocating for you as much as possible to the rest of the company. 

    Do you mind expanding a little bit on this? How often do your agents make the error of accidentally sending something? What's the impact on your business/customer experience? Are there particular errors that happen more often that you're trying to avoid? 

    Thanks so much for the additional info!

  • Michael Wilson

    Hi Leah, thanks for the follow-up.

    This actually happened to one of my teammates today as well. I can't say it's something that's constantly happening, but it it does happen.

    How it manifested for me: I was writing a reply for a ticket, and referred to some co-workers in Slack for advice. It was determined that I should escalate, so I did, by assigning it to the appropriate agent, and clicking "Submit as Open" - the problem was that I had forgotten about that initial drafted reply before I started chatting with my colleagues, so I forgot to clear out the description field. Meaning when I re-assigned the ticket, it also sent a drafted reply I had meant to scrap. Of course, I noticed this mistake within seconds, but it was too late. It wasn't a huge problem, but certainly not ideal.

    Obviously this is more-so a case of human-error, but I just thought it'd be worth suggesting the idea of a "send buffer" of sorts after seeing how handy it is in implementations like Gmail's.



  • Michaël Boone

    Would love that feature.


    Google/Gmail discovered that it's actually part of the process flow in the brain. People seem to be better at catching errors once they have confirmed their action. Partially because of brain-flow, partially the editing layout is also typically denser and more distracting

  • Andrew Correnti

    Yes I want this also.

    5 to 10 seconds is all I would need

  • Kyle

    Hey Leah and Nicole, 

    Upvoted this feature! Undo send is a common feature in many helpdesks now, like Helpscout, Freshdesk, etc... Most function like gmail with a short 5-15 second buffer in which you can recall / prevent the message from being sent. 

    It's a useful feature because sometimes one may hit send or hit keyboard shortcuts too quickly and miss something as simple and seemingly innocuous as a spelling error.


  • Michelle Wong

    I would love this feature! I rely heavily on this in my current email client. Options for 30s-1min would be nice but even something as short as 15 seconds would be great. 


  • Alan Adler

    Yes, a delayed send (had it in HelpScout) would handle a large number of cases.


  • Jessica Shaltz

    Upvoted, I have 3 use cases that make this useful (we use Zendesk to communicate with our customers):

    • similar to Michael's example, because the Submit button is used to "save" changes to the ticket info as well as send whatever is in the note/reply box, myself and my team sometimes send partial responses out whenever they've started replying, had to consult with others, and then came back to change the assignment or save something in the ticket info before putting it on hold or changing assignment.
    • when training new reps, we rely on Internal Notes to add response drafts, draft revisions, and corrective notes. every time we train someone new at least one training draft (sometimes with internal commentary) gets sent out to a customer as a public reply
    • some of our Macros have the "comment type" set to "Public". this was something we did to save time when we initially setup Zendesk, before we started actively using it. in actual practice, we quickly realized this overrides the Internal Note setting whenever a macro with that setting is used in a training draft or a draft we're adding for supervisor review. we have a lot of macros, too many to go through to check for and remove this setting, so we're fixing them as we come across them and it's a risk for sending drafts to customers in the meantime.
  • Manuel Furio

    Upvoted once again!

    This is an incredibly useful feature that I got used to in Gmail. Coming from there, even though Zendesk made my workflow much easier, I still miss it.

  • Dimitri Velednitsky


  • NOAH

    Please! 10 second delay would be perfect!! Thanks:)

  • Courtney Kessler

    This would be amazing!

  • Albert

    This is specially useful because of the way we save incoming info in the tags. Sometimes you just want to save the new state of a tag and end up sending a draft the customer was not supposed to see... huh.

  • Riley Thompson

    We'd love this feature! Sometimes we accidentally send messages that were meant to be internal notes :/

  • Cavan

    I would love to see this feature added as well! 

  • Johmar Patotoy

    Would love to see this Feature please!

  • Kyna

    Would be really great to have this available for all plans! 
    Particularly for our team, it's for sensitive information we have on internal notes that can sometimes be sent out as a public reply. We're only human and this Undo feature will really help us in such cases we forget to click Internal Note before hitting submit.

  • Lane Campbell

    As a recent convert from Freshdesk this is a sorely missed feature. Freshdesk has this undo send and so does Gmail. I hope to see it in Zendesk soon. 

  • Jordan Burke

    Every time I write an internal note and accidentally send it as an email I'm in awe that a feature similar to gmails hasn't been implemented here. 

  • Scott Bloom

    I also would be strongly in favor of having an undo send. In my previous company where we used Zendesk, there was a feature where we were able to recall a public reply within a certain amount of time.  I believe it was 15 to 30 seconds maybe.

  • Ivica

    This might be a lifesaver for anyone who accidentally sends an internal note as an email!

  • Khaled Mesbah

    I would love to have this feature!


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