Feature Request: Reporting on Article Labels in Explore

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  • Stephen Belleau

    Agreed! This would be really helpful.

  • Rishabh Kumar

    Absolutely. This is something that even we are trying to figure out and will be really helpful to manage articles.

  • Allison S.

    Same! We use labels to keep track of our article types - reference, troubleshooting, etc. And this would really help us filter our "buckets" without having to manually do this with 900+ articles....

  • Casey Birkholz

    We need this! I have to report out on article use for a specific project - I could pull 1 report based on labels but instead, I have to manually pull 9 reports every week and review 1x1 to capture all of the articles in various sections. It takes forever. 

  • Dimitri Velednitsky

    With Answer Bot filtering working only on Labels they have become a crucial part of our content management. Since it was absent from our content management before starting to use Answer Bot we are trying to do catch-up and that's incredibly difficult when we can't even assess what our current situation is. 


  • Chris

    This indeed would be helpful.

  • Orsolya Forster
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback.

    I see that having the label filter would help you with tracking the performance of articles of various types. We will look into adding label data to the knowledge base reporting. 

    Many thanks for your contribution!

  • Shane Monaco

    Hi Team, reiterating everyone here expressing this feature would be helpful.  Any updates would be appreciated.  


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