Create Query from two different datasets

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  • Kalle Windefalk


  • Alexey Krasnichenko

    I would love to see it too

  • Kalle Windefalk

    I would like to be able to report on linked article tickets where the link is private or public. 

  • Alina Lushnikova

    Strongly agree, joining datasets would solve so many problems for us! For example, we want to report on SLA by channel: emails (in-built SLAs), phone calls and chats (custom metrics built on the first reply time thresholds). Creating one query for all these metrics is easy and natural in Insights - and absolutely not possible in Explore. Would love to see an ETA on this.

  • Louis Evangelista

    Yes it would help in agent metrics and KPI for time tracking.

  • Justyna Pultowicz

    Absolutely, same here!

  • Franco Landa

    +1 This would be amazing to see for our Team Leaders who currently have to build multiple queries just to capture a few metrics from different datasets.

  • Nicole Verspeek

    +1, agree with Alina!

  • pstrauss

    100% - this is critical for our reporting to get a full view of customer interactions across support, chat, and talk, and individual queries in a dashboard aren't enough to solve our use case.

  • Brecht Smit

    Same here.

    I select for each incoming call a reason why they contacted us... from a dropdown menu (custom ticket field created in Zendesk)

    The same i do for the emails we receive.

    Now i would like to see the percentages of all the reasons customers contact us; using both talk dataset and suppport dataset in one querry.
    Now i have to make two seperate querries, one using the call data; the other querry using only the email (support)dataset...

  • Qin Peng

    strongly agreed. For example to connect Chat and Tickets


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