Using same ticket field values in different fields

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  • Graham Robson

    Hey Nina,

    We understand your use-case very well and have a solution for you.

    From a data object perspective you need one physical value to represent the logical value, otherwise you end-up with multiple physical values (tag name variants) to represent the one logical value. This can be lead to excessive work to unify and maintain the physical-to-logical mapping in reports and business rules.

    The root solution is to have just one field for your values, although will would not be possible to mix together drop-downs and multi-selects.

    Our Formset Paid App provides a way to create dependant value rules to show a subset of values depending on the values of a parent selection.

    Your welcome to take a FREE 30 day trial here

    You can also reach out to us at

    Graham (Cloudset)



  • Nina Pirc

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the suggestion! We'll take a look at it.

    But we would still prefer if this is solved by Zendesk :).


  • Mark Leci

    Hi Nina,


    If I'm understanding right, you should be able to change the tags without changing the actual values. For example, in my setup I have two custom fields that have the value EMEA as a dropdown option. One of them is just tagged as EMEA, and I called the other tag 'support_EMEA'. The agents don't see these tags so as far as they are concerned the options are the same. 


    I hope that helps!




  • Nina Pirc

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks! But I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. I'm attaching the screenshot.

    Actually, I found a workaround for this if anyone is facing the same issue.

    1. You already have a field A as a drop-down, multi-select, or checkbox, e.g. something, someone, other.
    2. You want to create a ticket field B that has the same options as field A 
    3. Define field options or values with numbers for example (e.g. something 1, someone 2, other 3)
    4. Save the field.
    5. Edit the same field (B). 
    6. Erase the numbers (or whatever you defined) (e.g. something, someone, other).
    7. Save the field. Now, the system will let you save it. 

  • Rachel M

    hi nina!

    i think your workaround works because you're essentially doing what mark suggested!

    whenever you create new field values, each one needs a corresponding tag, but you cant use the same tag on any other custom ticket fields anywhere else... so an example:

    let's say you make a custom field called "Eye Color", and the field values are colors, the corresponding automatic tags might look something like this –

    • field value - blue // tag - #blue
    • field value - green // tag - #green
    • field value - brown // tag - #brown

    and then unrelated, the next week, you want to create a new custom field for "Favorite Color"... so you start adding field values –

    • field value - red // tag - #red
    • field value - yellow // tag - #yellow
    • field value - blue // tag - #blue
    • field value - green // tag - #green

    however, you go to save this brand new field, and you'll get the error you're currently seeing – because you already have a field values in our old friend Eye Color field that already uses the tags #blue and #green. they need to be something unique.

    if you click on the "Show tags" button, it'll show you what the associated tag is, and most importantly edit them! In this case, I normally would use a more specific tag that relates to the custom field's purpose, like –

    • field value - blue // tag - #eye-color_blue
    • field value - green // tag - #eye-color_green


    • field value - blue // tag - #favorite-color_blue
    • field value - green // tag - #favorite-color_green


    going back to why your workaround works – you're putting a "fake" value in, saving, and then changing it back to what you really want it to say. so you make –

    • field value - potato // tag - #potato

    and then change the field value back, ZD does this –

    • field value - blue // tag - #potato

    this happens because when you change the visible value, it doesn't automatically change the tag to match. so ZD says "cool, i don't have anything that uses the tag #potato, so we're good!".


    hopefully (fingers crossed) i understood your question, and this explanation is helpful and not totally more confusing!




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