Prevention of agents to create tickets as themselves as the requester

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Joseph Lee,

    I haven't come across this use case since most of the Zendesk accounts I've seen want the Agents to be able to open tickets as the requester to ask for something from another team.

    That said, in your use case, you can set up a trigger that looks for the Current User is Agent and Requester is Current User.

    I'd add tags to the ticket and send off an email either to them and/or yourself to ask them to update the requester.

    Many times the Agents sets themselves as the Requester by accident since that's the default behavior when you don't select a Requester in the first place....

  • Francois S

    There is a use case...

    We for example want agents not to create new cases, because cases that they create themself are often directly assigned to another group, we can't label the ticket based on the agent "DEFAULT GROUP".

    That means that the ticket track is lost once its assigned to another unit...


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