Do a search from within a View and keep that search limited to the tickets within that View

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  • Stephen Belleau

    Heather Rommel don't forget to upvote it yourself! Unless you did and someone downvoted you. Why would someone do such a thing 😭

    Would love something like this. I know there have been other suggestions to allow view conditions to look for strings in subject, but I'm guessing what you're asking for is more broad than that? e.g. look for a word/string within any ticket comment?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Haha, good point, Stephen Belleau! I have upvoted my own feature request now.

    Yes I'm asking for something broader -- I mean searching within the subject would be a good step but why not just search the whole content of the ticket? 

    Better yet! - How about letting me choose - search within subject or search the whole ticket? ;)


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