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  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    We will most likely remove the tabs & display all in the same list with a Status column.

    Agree with the others. This sounds like a horror show unless the default is to have them hidden. I can see some logic to wanting to be able to see them in their original sequence, given how order-sensitive triggers are, but only rarely and only on explicit request.


  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Sudeshna Basu

    If triggers show in one list, inactive triggers must be filtered out by default. If an admin deactivated a trigger, it's usually for a reason. We don't need to see them unless we specifically go looking for them, I just need to see what rules are impacting my tickets today.

    Please please please do not make triggers one list without filtering out inactives by default.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Tom Dupuche,

    Admin Center the new Team members list is for all products. So we could show up to 7 roles for each Team member. Any feedback on what's most important?

    I'd really like for Zendesk to consider a fully laid out design where we can pick what columns to show. This way, depending what I'm working on and which part of the Suite, I can easily identify who is who on that product.  We should be able to expand as needed (ok to cap us on columns maybe but we NEED to be able to export all).

    3. @... I'm keen to understand more about the seat usage and what you need here. 

    I've used this xx seats of xx available used many times. It's the easiest way to see if we need to buy more licenses. It might make sense to put this on the subscription page, but then when we try to investigate if we can take a seat from someone who hasn't logged in, we would still need to go to the Team center to look at the people part.  Best to have this in one place -- Please keep the xx of xx seats used!!!

  • Mark Powell

    Agree on keeping "XX of XX seats used".

    Agree on columns for Team Members list.

    Also, I've raised an issue for Exporting from the Team Members page.


  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    "We will most likely remove the tabs & display all in the same list with a Status column."

    Sudeshna Basu, what is the problem this will solve? 

    The number of triggers shouldn't matter, but in our case we have approximately 1.3k active, and almost 900 inactive triggers (we keep these for audit purposes). Why would we need to see them all bundled together?

    If this really must go forward, then I agree with Dan Ross: "inactive triggers must be filtered out by default."

    And if there are going to be more columns, a probably much needed UI feature would be having content use all the empty space:

  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    Sudeshna Basu, Agreeing with Pedro Rodrigues and Dan Ross. Can't have the inactive triggers cluttering the active list. Even a simple toggle to show/hide (default) inactive at the top would help.

  • Sudeshna Basu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback & concerns about the proposal for a combined Active & Inactive list (esp for triggers). We haven't finalized the design yet, so appreciate your inputs. 
    (Lone Admin, Stephen Fleming, Jonathan March, Dan Ross, Pedro Rodrigues, Carmelo Rigatuso)

    What I didn't elaborate in my previous post was that the design direction we've been evaluating involves:

    • A unified list with a Status column to indicate active versus inactive
    • Plus filtering to show active, inactive or both.
    • And as many of you have suggested, having the Default filter option be set to Active.
    The rationale for moving away from tabs is because they are limiting in several ways:
    • They do not allow you to be able to either see or search all objects (active and inactive) in one view.
    • This also makes toggling status of objects clunky (from active to inactive or vice versa) - as they have to move from one tab to another when status is changed and it's often hard to find their new position.


  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Great, thanks for clarifying, Sudeshna Basu

    • And as many of you have suggested, having the Default filter option be set to Active.


  • Phil Grove
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, I wanted to let you know that we have updated the Admin Center navigation to enable "Open link in new tab / page" on menu items.

    This was a big request in this thread and we heard you. Please keep the feedback coming 👍

    Cheers, Phil.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Thanks, @..., much appreciated!

  • Shane Monaco

    While I like the changes to the admin center, 2 points of feedback that seem to be a step backward:

    -The admin center is much slower than the old way for admin settings.  Going to areas like tickets and forms takes much longer now.

    -Not able to customize the color of admin center is a step down from the old settings. Being able to do this helped our admin know which environment they were working out of (production vs sandbox).

  • Tim G

    Hi Team! Love a number of things about the new Admin Center, but one of the biggest pain points for me at the moment is the 'jumping over to a new tab' or 'not quite knowing where the tab is that you just got kicked out of'. 

    I see there's a more specific post for that subject (hoping Becky doesn't mind me hijacking that post) over here, so I commented on this one too: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4420235028634-Don-t-love-the-separate-tab-for-admin-settings-now 

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Shane Monaco

    Thank you for your feedback.  

    Regarding the slowness you have perceived, how are you accessing these pages?  For example, are you navigating within the Admin Center or using bookmarks?

    We will certainly look into how we can differentiate Admin Center per instance type.

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Tim G

    Appreciate your feedback.  Regarding 'jumping over to a new tab' or 'not quite knowing where the tab is that you just got kicked out of', there are two scenarios:

    1. You navigate from one page to another page in Admin Center within the same tab.  In this case, the Recently Viewed option in the left hand nav keeps a tally of your five most recently accessed pages.  You can identify the page that you were previously on by clicking on "Recently Viewed".

    2. You navigate from one page to another page in Admin Center in a new tab.  In this case, the previous page is accessible through the tab immediately to the left of the current (new) tab.


  • Kai B

    Overall I like the new Team Members page but I agree with some of the comments here

    - Could really do with being able to see the number of seats used (xx of xx seats)

    - I need to be able to see the role of the user within the page as we have a number of custom roles that depend on job title, so it's good to see at a glance if this needs updating

    - It would be really helpful to be able to see the agents default group within the team members page

    - I really like being able to see the last login date through the admin panel

    - Alternatively, it would be great if we could customise this view depending on what we're needing to see

  • Tim G

    Thanks Parag!

    I was doing Zendesk training for someone yesterday, and I watched them stumble into this confusion when they were creating a view (they're a full agent):

    - They went into the 'manage views' at the bottom of the list of views on the left in 'Support' > they were taken into a separate window to create their personal view (which they didn't realise had happened, so all ok so far) > they created their personal view > they saved it > then they were left 'stranded' in a list of views. They didn't know where to go next to get back to where they were - because the navigation icons on the left of the 'Support' product were no longer there, they were stranded in the new admin center. So I mentioned that they can close that tab, and their original tab is open to the left. They thought this was odd that it kicks you out into another tab, but got the hang of it.

    - They then decided to edit their view that they'd made, so they clicked on their new view in the views list (in the Support module not the admin center) > used the arrow menu next to the 'play' button top right to say 'edit' > edited their view successfully with a new column > saved the view > landed up in the admin center list of views again > confidently closed that tab expecting to be left with the zendesk support tab. However, because that particular route doesn't open a new tab, they basically lost where they were completely. 

    I guess in summary my feeling is that the admin center has maybe been pushed into a new tab experience because it is not related to just one product (like 'Support' etc) but covers everything from Explore, to Support, to Sell etc - so it isn't part of a specific single product. 

    BUT... it feels like it's forcing this fact through bouncing into a new tab? In an ideal world, I'd love it if a. the admin center is accessible 'standalone' (i.e. through domain.zendesk/admin) as it is now and b. if you enter the admin section from any product (e.g. from the Support product cog icon, or the Support product 'manage views' links etc) it just opens the admin center as a component of that same tab, and keeps whatever product navigation you landed there from - so you can easily head back to the 'support home' or support 'views' navigation buttons etc. Kind of like this:

    Thank you!

  • Scott Patterson

    Hi all,


    I'd like to share a similar experience to Tim G, when working with triggers.

    When working with triggers starting from the Support interface. If I go Admin > Admin Centre, it opens a new tab, and then go to the triggers page, it actually takes me back to the support interface with the triggers options as they used to be (https://companyhere.zendesk.com/agent/admin/triggers).

    After editing and saving a trigger, then going back to the tickets view to test it, when I click back on the Admin button in the support interface, it now shows the Triggers section (staying in the support interface) as that's what I last used, but then there's no button to bring back the Admin Centre tab if I wanted to access something else.

    Also, I have noticed sometimes (not always) when I click the Admin button in the support interface after having edited triggers, it actually takes me to the Admin Centre and a triggers section in there, but not in a new tab - so I lose anything I had open in the support interface.


    I suspect what I'm experiencing is just some migration issues and now how it is meant to behave. But would like to echo Tim's comments on how being able to access the admin section both in a standalone page (new way) and in the support product itself (old way) would be ideal. In most situations I'd want to make a quick change and stay in the support product. However if I wanted to make a lot of changes and do a lot of testing then I can see the benefit of having it in a separate tab.




  • Christian Jessen

    Please roll back and get us our easy access settings back.

    Feels like extra work to have to go into admin center to access macros, triggers and automations etc :(

  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    Just to echo Scott Patterson and Tim G, consistency is key. We can learn new navigation habits, but they must be consistent across all sections of Zendesk. We can't form a new habit if we never know what's going to happen. There are other examples - saving a trigger, an automation, a macro, or a view does not produce the same results. Why?!?

    Consistency!!! :)

  • Dani

    As with all change I suppose, there is some good, and some frustrating. 

    The good - merging settings into a single location is a good thing when managing a high volume of users.

    The incredibly frustrating? The settings button on the left panel of the Support Window is basically useless. It adds several extra clicks and time to manage basic functions (macros, for one).
    I don't need links to system update links or feature usage stats in one click reach - I need my heavy usage tasks (macros, for one) available for quick and easy access.

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    I would really like it if, when I click on a link from events, the Admin Center opens in a new tab. Right now, it opens in the same tab and there's no way to get back to the ticket you were viewing. Doh!

  • Todd Meyer

    I generally like the updates, well done!

    My main feedback is that I don't like that it's all in a separate tab now. Not only that, certain actions in the Admin center open yet ANOTHER tab back in Zendesk support (editing a user for example). 

    I would prefer that you just stuff this whole admin center back into the Settings area.

  • Tobias Hoenig

    two things I don't like at all with the new admin center:

    If I use the (now nearly useless) settings button in the nav bar, I have to click another link (why?) to open the admin center. Only then the admin center will open (in a new tab). (btw: same for Explore... I always have to click another link to actually get to the Explore site)
    But if I'm checking the events of a ticket to check a trigger or macro, the link on the trigger/macro will open the admin center in the same tab. Even worse, I cannot go back to the support/ticket view, as clicking the browser's back button will not help. I get redirected back to the admin center immediately. So, I now always have to right click the link and chose "open in a new tab"

  • Becky

    The new admin center is awful.  The few things I use are in a completely different place and it's not like a multiple step process to get to things.  Unnecessary.

  • Trina

    I waited to start using the new Admin Center until I absolutely had (forced) to. ;)

    The biggest pain point for me is when I'm reviewing ticket events and click on a trigger to see what it is doing and this doesn't open a new tab or browser window. Instead it navigates me away from the ticket to open the Admin Center in the same browser window and now I've lost my ticket. I feel that the Admin Center should open in a new browser window so that you don't lose your ticket.

    I have also found that when adding a new agent I'm routed back to the 'old' UI. What's the point there? It's even more irritating when I'm just updating a current agent. When updating a current agent, I found it easier to not even go to the Admin Center, but to just search for the user and make the change. Why bother to go to the Admin Center just to be routed back to the 'normal' system. It's just crazy to me.

  • Dani

    It seems like things that should live in a new tab don't, and things that should have stayed put open new tabs. 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Here are a few items we have noticed since the full transition:

    1. When you are in a view to edit, it opens the admin centre in the same window and you can't navigate back to the view you were editing. I tried to right click on edit within the view but it won't let you
    2. When you select a trigger from under events, again it opens in the same window. This is a huge pain point because you have to go back to the zendesk page and locate the ticket again that you were looking at
    3. If you are needing to work on 2 things within admin centre, you can't open multiple windows of the Admin Centre. ie. If you right click on admin centre or just click on admin centre from your profile, it opens it in the same admin centre tab you already had open. So if you need to have multiple Admin Centres open, you have to right click on your existing tab to duplicate.
    4. When you click on the gear icon, why doesn't it send you directly to the Admin Centre? Why is there another link that takes you to the Admin Centre? This requires additional clicks to get there.
    5. If you are working in multiple Zendesk instances, the Admin Centre tab looks the same. It does not mirror the colors of the corresponding Zendesk instance. The only differentiation is the URL which is not obvious at a first glance and not instinctual to look at 
  • Billy

    As Sydney Neubauer mentioned not being able to easily navigate back to the view you're editing is a regression. It's also annoying that the only way (that I've found) to navigate back to Support/Agent view is via the four squares icon top right, which then opens a new tab rather than the tab you have open. I tend to have my support tab pinned so it changes my pinned tab to admin center then sends me back to an unpinned tab.

    If we are keeping this setup it'd be much better if the admin center opened in the new tab in the first place, meaning we can just close it when done rather than try to find out how to navigate back.

  • Kate

    As a whole, I don't dislike the way Admin Center looks, but as many have mentioned, this being moved into a new tab is a huge workflow breaker for me and my team. 

    Why can't the redesign exist within the existing Admin gear? Moving away from the Support interface when I am regularly both managing settings and investigating issues on tickets is a significant pain. 

    As many others have said as well, loading times seem slower within the new Admin Center interface. 

    The only pro I've found so far is the ability to search for the setting I want, however, this does not outweigh the efficiency loss I've experienced. The admin center as an idea seems to be solving a problem that didn't exist. It would be much, much better to at least have the option whether the Admin Center lives within the Support interface or opens in a new window. 

    It feels like my most used settings have been taken out of the interface I spend the majority of my time working in and siloed into a completely separate part of the product, which overtakes the part of the product I need to reference to update settings, for.... reasons, I guess? 

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Like Kate above, I think it is a good idea to move the administration to its separate "client".

    This, however, means that Zendesk moves it to a separate client.

    As of now, the jumping back and forth is simply incredibly time consuming; apparently our pod 28 is not a speed monster, but still, waiting 10-20" for each and every change of page is, well, unbearable.

    And I state it again: This code is not production ready.

    In my more than 5 years with Zendesk, I never had a feature that had such an unfinished feeling to it.


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