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  • Spencer Simon

    Hi Nick!

    My organization is very interested in using your product. We see that the website says it will be ready in October. 

    Now that it is November, do you have an updated timeframe for when this will be finished? 

    Thank you so much. Really wish there was an easier way to simply download macros, their title and description. 

    All the best.

  • Nick Kassebaum

    Spencer Simon Hey Spencer! The product is currently done on our development server and we are working on migrating it to the main URL. Please email me at and I'll send you the AWS link to get started using it before it's launched pubicly!

  • Support team

    Hi Nick Kassebaum !

    Thanks for your product. How much it's secure and save to send sensitive data to some parsing tool?

    Perhaps you have github repo of this tool?

  • Nick Kassebaum

    Hello Support team the site doesn't save any date. It's a very simple tool built using React and it's hosted at AWS - the only people working on it are myself and another developer. I don't know the details right off hand of how it stores data but I can check with the dev and get back to you.


    Btw anyone else following this thread - I have not sent out an email update about launch, but the site is up and live now at now!


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