Need a count of Draft vs Published articles per agent per region


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  • Kate L

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for reaching out! You can definitely use the metric COUNT(Articles published) to show the number of articles that were published, however, getting the number of draft articles is not something we can get at the moment in Explore. To be able to slice the data per region, the closest attribute available in Explore would be the Agent Time zone:


    You can check this article to know more about the different metrics and attributes in Explore for Guide dataset. Hope that helps!


  • Mary Paez

    What we did to solve the agent region issue is that we can get a report by Manager.  We added a Manager field to the agent profile.  A <manager_name> tag is added to the profile so that we can use it in Explore.  It breaks the report into teams by Manager and makes it very easy to separate out all the data by region and teams.


    When will be able to get a list of the Draft articles each agent owns at.the end of the month?  THis is important so we can follow up with agents that have alot of draft articles and get them published or archived.

  • Kate L

    Glad to hear that you have managed to find a workaround as well, Mary. In line with the Draft articles, this isn’t currently available in Explore. There is no existing feature request for this functionality but if you'd like, you can post it in our Feedback on Explore topic. Threads with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning. We just can’t guarantee that it will be available any time soon.

    Here's the information on how to write an effective feedback post.



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