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  • Bart

    I was under the impression that this functionality would actually be replicated just run on Explore Stats -

    But it seems like they have removed these top level views which were really well presented and had links to different values. I feel they should replicate those views with the new explore features that are easy to use and manipulate. 


  • Chandra Robrock
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    Hi Linda and Bart - Try checking the default Zendesk Support dashboard in Explore.

    While there isn't a tab called Leaderboard anymore, this dashboard should show a lot of the same stats. It looks like this is the dashboard that Zendesk's team offers as a replacement for the Overview, Leaderboard, Satisfaction and Insights tabs as well.

    If you click on the 'Assignee Activity' tab and then scroll down the page, you should see an Assignee Activity query that displays some key stats like Solved Tickets, First Reply Time, CSAT score, etc. 

    On the 'Agent Updates' tab, you'll also be able to see a chart that shows the number of comments, tickets solved and tickets created per agent. 

    To see the number of unsolved tickets that are assigned to a specific agent, you'll be able to see this on the 'Unsolved Tickets' tab.

    There's also an Explore recipe here that helps walk you through how to create your own Agent Leaderboard query in case you want to customize the specific stats you'd like to look at per individual agent. The recipe uses the Solved Tickets metric but you can choose a different metric or add multiple metrics within that same query.

  • Bart


    This is well known to us, and we have a ton of other explore dashboards we've built over the years, but this reporting section with the three bars on the left of the dashboard within Zendesk itself was a window to very simple stats that were to remain, and is a quick reference for many in our business. 

    I'd prefer it if this was reverted, even if it means replicating what was likely built with insights beforehand with Explore and viewed in a similar fashion. -- The explore button that is now on the left should be on the right where "Insights" used to be so you can view other dashboards.



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