Make Smart Lists wider on screen


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    Ewa Sobula
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I'm happy to let you know that Zendesk Sell is introducing an updated navigation together with a full-width layout! This lets you to see more columns on a large screen in your Smart Lists. More details in the announcement: Announcing Sell’s updated navigation.

  • Katie Dougherty

    Thank you @... for the feedback on our Smart List feature! I will make sure our Product Team views your post and investigates if we can expand the Smart List column view. 

  • Stephanie Church

    While the Product Team is reviewing this, it would also be quite useful to be able to resize individual columns in a smart list to better fit the data in the field.  Thanks.

  • Katie Dougherty

    Thank you for your feedback, @...! Be sure to upvote Adam's post above and our Product Team will review this thread :) 

  • Barnie Wilson

    Would be great to see this. Scrolling left and right with a mouse is a pain! Waste of a good screen too. Feel like this can't be a massive project. Look forward to seeing it one day. 


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