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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021


  • Paola Fulchignoni


    is this functionality available?

  • sanarte


    Do we have any update here?


  • sanarte


  • Rie Hattori

    I'm still waiting this function!! 

  • Aaron Dix

    Hello Zendesk support,


    Is this on the roadmap?


    Thank you,



  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    As I understand it, commentingnis good but up voting on the buttons next to the title really gets attention. Therefore, don’t forget to upvote!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    There are a couple of ways you can back up your data: 

    For those on Professional and Enterprise plans, you are able to export your data into an XML format. Information on that can be found here: 

    Exporting data to a CSV or XML file  

    Some on Enterprise plans have also used a Sandbox as a duplicate of their Zendesk set up. 

    For those not on Professional or Enterprise, you can also export a lot of data via the API. Here is the beginner's guide to the Zendesk API

    However, I realize that this doesn't fulfill the restore part of the original request. Once data is exported, it would still need to be re-imported into a Zendesk instance and settings would need to be rebuilt. 

    This kind of functionality is not currently planned for development, though it is something that could be taken up in the future. 

    With regard to Heather's comment on voting, we do track the votes on the original post to see how many users are interested in a given feature or functionality. So please do exercise those votes. 

    In the comments, it's really helpful to get details about your use-case, i.e. why you need a given functionality, how frequently it comes up, what the impact on your business is, and why existing functions or workarounds don't serve the purpose. In this case, a backup/restore functionality is pretty straightforward, but details are always helpful. 

    Thanks as always for your participation and feedback!

  • Jan Wandrey


    what are the measures taken by Zendesk in terms of availability of all our data? Where can I find a specification?

    Is there Backup / Restore concept in place? It is a must, since data are owned by us, not zendesk – or I am wrong with this?

  • Vitaly

    As far as I understand, currently Zendesk has not any recovery plan for customers data.

    So, for example, if mistaken bulk deletions took place, the customer is responsible to develop code and corresponding procedures to re-import deleted content.

    Moreover, it seems like no way to re-create entities with the same IDs, dates etc.

    Does Zendesk provide any customers test environment to avoid test recovering into the production storage area?

  • Darren McCabe

    How can we have a cloud environment with no automated backup?


    I dont believe for one moment Zendesk do not back their systems up?  But I would still like someway to backup my data.

    Especially I would like to delete a load of old user accounts, but there is no feature for this either, so I am told I have to create a script with their API which makes me massively uncomfortable anyway, but no backup is even worse

  • Didier Thizy

    Darren, from my research, Zendesk does backup your data but doesn't typically accept requests to manually retrieve old data or rollback to an old version unless it was clearly due to an error on their part ( In addition they offer manual export capabilities so that you can make your own pseudo-backup, as well as an enhanced disaster recovery add-on which may be more geared to enterprise (  For KB articles there is now versioning and rollback in the higher tier licenses. Exporting certain types of data require a developer to use the API, so there are also a few free apps that you can use to do this without a developer, with mixed reviews.

    The one exception seems to be the Zendesk Sell product which offers a manual rollback policy (    

    Earlier in this thread Nicole the community manager asks posters to please give some detail on their use case to help add colour. My company is actively researching the need for this so that we could publish a complete automated Zendesk backup/restore app that will best serve the ecosystem, so I would also very much like to understand the use cases as well.  Are you asking about backup of KB articles, triggers and macros, tickets, etc.?  Is it an export you are seeking, or more of a versioning or rollback capability?  And what is motivating this need? 


  • Barry Holtslander

    We do virtually all of our help file editing in an external (to ZD) editor to get around the limitations of the ZD editor. That means it is pretty easy to save those files external to ZD and back them up there.

    Not the most elegant of solutions but we arrived at it when ZD hadn't implemented versioning/revisions so we could roll back errant changes. And, once you have a system in place, we kept it.

    Not necessarily recommending it to anyone but there it is as a possibility.

  • Vesa Kivistö

    Service like Skyvia would probably solve this issue for many of us. Small scale deployments could use the smallest commercial plan, this is less than 100 USD per yer. Tried this out today, worked without issues and was very easy to set up.


  • Tyler Montney

    Please implement this feature, as a cloud service is not backup (good example Section 6). Zendesk must provide one or the other:

    1. A way to back up all critical components to be stored manually. Tickets and users some currently offered by the API.
    2. An official backup that can be sent to Zendesk in the event of a breach.

    You wouldn't run an on-premise service without backup. Why do that with a cloud service?

  • Dave Dyson

    For more information on the programs we use to protect your data, see the Cloud Security section of our security landing page, and this article on Zendesk's Business Resilience.

  • Kovalan Paramanantham

    It would be a great option to have after finishing the trial (or testing even after starting to pay).


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