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  • Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone - 

    New PM for Triggers & Automations here, catching up on the requests in the Community. It has been great to see all the feedback from you! I certainly understand your frustrations around inconsistent operators and needing more flexible logic to build your triggers. We are actively working towards improving these areas.  

    As for the original ask in this post, adding 'is not' for the received at condition, I'm working with the engineers to understand the level of effort. It may take a little investigation work, but you can expect an update from me in the next few weeks. 


    We have opened an investigation task around adding 'is not' logic to the received at condition. I'll share more once that is complete. Thanks all!


  • [VI] Julia Laars


  • Christian Kogler

    Absolutely need this!

  • Sindre Gahlla



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