Ability to see option pressed on an IVR


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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    June 7, 2023 Update


    Thank you for your patience. This feature is on our roadmap and we expect to deliver this in 2023.



    Hello Community,

    Thank you for your question. We have added this request to our short term roadmap. The exactly development sequence is being finalised at this time but we expect to ship this feature sometimes in Q1.



  • Alex Bullen

    Yes I would like this. We would like to be able to do analytics on where / how someone travelled through the IVR and how long this has taken.

  • Jessica Province

    This would be huge and very helpful it Zendesk had this capability

  • Levi

    Agreed. This would be a game-changer in analyzing how successful our IVR actually is. 

  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    It could help also the agent responding to a call, if the agent could see this information on the incoming call information, or on the ticket created when call is opened.

    In many cases this might be clear, but for example when answering as a secondary group, agent might be responding to multiple types of issues, and information might be help the agent in the beginning of the call.

    I understand, that this would have good use cases for reporting as well, as mentioned above.

  • Mike

    We woud really appreciate to track IVR interactions to improve the customer journey in this channel.

    50% of our interactions are on phone. So it is still the most important channel.

  • Jose Resendiz

    A high-profile client of ours is asking for this data.

  • Steve Francis

    Even the ability to run a trigger that matches on IVR options selected would be great. e.g. if a customer says "Press 1 to make this a priority ticket". Right now I can't run a trigger to change the priority based on this...

  • FOCUS Customer Support

    Our situation truly needs this feature as part of our business model we transfer daily a great number of calls to outside numbers that do not have the ability to use Zendesk.

  • Steph A

    This would be very valuable indeed, what seems like a fairly intuitive IVR can actually results in a lot of frustration for some customers.

  • Dana Martell

    +1 this feature is a must have to track the success of our phone line IVR and forecast call volume shifts as we make changes to our menu 

  • Leonardo Jesus

    How is it not possible? What's the point of having a complex IRV system if we can know every option the user chooses? This is very past due.

  • Lawrence Dye

    IVR routing and priority lines are great for CX, but our agents are still left blind as to where that call is coming from and that can immediately become bad CX.

    A customer calls and selects issue X, then still has to explain to the agent that they are calling about issue X. They are left wondering (or asking outright) why there is a prompt if they have to explain it anyway.

  • Chaimiao Wu


    Hi Team, 

    Could you please view this post and give all of us your reply?

  • David Ashirov

    Are we there yet?

  • Danny Langeveld

    I'm currently setting up a new IVR menu for a Zendesk Enterprise customer who has this exact requirement. Any chance this feature will go live in or before 2023 Q3 ? Just a tag in the ticket with the last made IVR choice is all i need.

  • Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for reaching out! We are thinking in the same direction and at the moment scoping the experience to provide tags with IVR keypresses. We will update soon about the details of the release. Can't commit on the timelines of Q3 though, but hopefully we should be able to get a version out in H2, 2023. 




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