Allow articles to be posted to multiple sections


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  • Support Admin

    Just a little late for this topic's 10th anniversary!

  • Tony Maninha

    I was thinking about buying a cake to commemorate...

  • Andrea Beck

    yeah, it is under "planned" - don't get your hopes up: a previous post:

    Andrew Dahl
    • December 10, 2013
    Comment actions

    Thanks for all the great feedback on being able to post the same article in multiple sections. We like this feature so much that we've added it to the roadmap for Help Center.

    Unfortunately I can't give a timeline, but this thread will be updated when we have more details to share.


  • Tony Maninha

    Nicole Saunders Katarzyna Karpinska
    Content Blocks has nothing to do with this feature requested here...
    Once again... excuses excuses that are 10 years old...

  • Tony Maninha

    Katarzyna Karpinska support admin 10 years of waiting on this feature, is absolutely insane!


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