Rebranding the Answer Bot in the modern web widget

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  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Joshua,

    I've reached out to our Product teams internally and it appears that currently, we are still working on a change to make the AnswerBot name configurable, however, the Avatar is still a while away. 

    Having said that, we have is an Early Access Program that you might be interested in. This is a feature that allows AnswerBot to use your default brand image instead.

    If interested, let me know so we can get you added to it.

  • Zendesk Admin

    I am also interested in this feature

  • Hawkeye Area Community Action Program


    I'm definitely interested in the Early Access program! Let me know what you need from me and we can go from there!

  • Lynsey Briston

    I'd also be very interested in this, please! 


  • Meike Kipphan

    I'd also be very interested in this. It would be great if I can change it in our Company logo


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