Chat Hyperlinks

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  • Ali Demir

    We are using for this but you are right, it should be hyperlinked for both prechat form and any messages. 

  • Riko

    So, when we can have it? It's ridiculous that for other competition services this is out of the box ready and we can't have it even after two years of asking it....

  • Trevor Piercey

    Hey Team! Can we get an update on this one? It's weird that when we try and insert an article from the help centre, this is what it looks like - which is not what happens in the ticket view. 

    screenshots are chat vs. e-mail. 


  • Cean Nobleza

    It would be great if hyperlinking is available in chat.

    I see that it's been 3 years now since this post. I hope we hear updates from this and implementation plans for this feature this time around.


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