Notifications for when a Salesforce integration data sync fails

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    Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey everyone, many MANY apologies here as it's definitely been way too long for this great question and its comments to go unanswered by us.  

    Mark Powell, thanks so much for calling out those headaches when it comes to our Salesforce integration not yet having a feature to alert admins of integration errors/failures as they happen.   

    We sadly don't have this feature available just yet, but we have one of our product managers Anika Rani who has formally acknowledged the need for that feature a few weeks ago over in this article here. Just so we make sure that no one's use case and personal experiences are overlooked, feel free to follow along with that article as well for any future updates by Anika or any of our other PMs.

    As always, don't hesitate to keep us posted if you and your teams discover any other pain points that you'd like to see prioritized and we'll be happy to work with you to work out any available options together. Thanks again everyone!

  • Fractal Research

    We definitely need to be notified when a service fails or is disabled.

  • Lauren Block

    this is critical to be able to rely on an integration

  • Damien Gooden

    This is super critical. At present the only way we know is after data hasn't been going back and forth.

    Your system already logs the failure - just need to add some sort of notification when the log is a failure rather than a success.

  • Stacy Robinson

    I agree. This is super critical. I know on my end this failure is causing a lot of issues with data not syncing. Zendesk is a cornerstone app for our org.  Integration log isn't very helpful.

  • Mindy B

    This is critical for our email integration service as well. Without manually checking, we have no idea that there's a problem and emails to our company are a core of our business, some of which are extremely urgent so any delay could be costly. 

  • Ryan Clagett

    I agree with the other folks on this post and ran into the same issue as Mark P. Our sync stopped unknowingly for an unknown amount of time a couple times. We're not sure what's still out of sync and have been spot fixing issues as we see them, the best that can be done aside from asking our Salesforce Ops team to globally update account/contact data for all relevant organizations to force sync everything. I don't foresee us having any luck in convincing them to do this :) 

    A notification such as via email that users could opt in to when the sync stops is essential in my opinion. 

  • Stacy Robinson

    My sync has stopped once again. Does anyone have any idea why this keeps happening? I don't have any errors or warnings in the log.

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Stacy,

    I see that you already raised a Support ticket related to this issue. We'll wait for your update on the ticket and continue to assist you from there. Thank you!
  • Ash

    This is 100% a required feature.

  • Adam

    We had the same issue, but it was Zendesk that turned off our Salesforce sync due to their bug and only notified our Zendesk owner and not the admins. Frustrating that no notification was sent out, as the downstream effects of this have not been good.

  • Gabriel Dang

    Absolutely critical product feature for the reliability of Zendesk platform!

    The recent engagement on this topic points to the same recent integration failure with no alert to admins. These issues can have ramifications for our external and internal customers. Please prioritize on roadmap!

  • Gustavo Parra

    We just noticed a bunch of our organizations failed to be created due to a sync issue. Not having alerts go out for this type of issue is truly unacceptable. 

  • Ryan Clagett

    Sync has stopped again and it appears to have happened over the holidays. We've missed many org/user updates. This is becoming extremely frustrating. Are there any recent updates aside from recognition of the issue? Any change in priority?


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