How to identify call recordings in tickets?


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  • Tony
    Hi Gerardo,
    There isn't a way to identify a ticket that has a recording besides the recording itself, and you wouldn't be able to tag a call automatically whether it has a recording or not. While tickets cannot be restricted based on call recordings as any agent that has access to tickets and calls would have access to the recordings, tickets can be restricted based on groups. 
    For instance, you may create a custom field such as a checkbox for whether the call was recorded or not. Then, use that customer field in a condition for a view you would create for tickets that are recorded. Then, you can set the option "Who has access" to the proper group, in this way only the mentioned group will have access to that view.
    I leave you a couple of links related to custom fields and views:
    1. Adding custom fields to your tickets and support request form
    2. Creating views to manage ticket workflow
    Have a nice day!
  • Sydney Neubauer

    There is a possibility of a workaround - but it would be going forward rather than apply to all tickets unless you bulk update previous tickets.

    When you enable transcript for audio recordings, the recording outlines exactly what was said in text form. It also includes the word "transcription". So then you can create a trigger where comment includes "transcription", is created, and is phonecall/voicemail then have a tag added or a field is updated. 

  • Gerardo

    Thanks for the tips Tony I will consider this option, if there are any other idea happy to hear it. 

    Sydney Neubauer I see that the transcript is possible to have only for voicemail recordings. We dont have this option active. Or can you guide me where to find this option for call recording?

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Oh dang! I missed the part about accepted calls from an Agent - we haven't found a workaround for that but that would be super helpful! 

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