Make currently viewed Explore Dashboard tab more apparent

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  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Bill, 

    I just want to confirm something -- it looks like you have tab fill colors filled in for each of the tabs of this dashboard. When that's the case, the tab fill color should also be the fill color of the entire dashboard tab, surrounding all the queries and other information on the tab, like so:

    In which case it would seem clear which tab the user is on. Is tab color not visible in the rest of query tab for you? If so, can you confirm which browser you're using? Thanks!

  • Dave Dyson
    Hey Bill,
    Understood -- I think the workaround here would be to either a) make all the tabs the same color, and choose a light color, so that the border around the active tab is easier to see, or b) drag your queries down a little bit (even just a pixel or two) from the top of the dashboard, so that the tab color shows a bit.
  • bill cicchetti

    Hey Dave,

    We generally fill the entire workspace with reports and filters.  I guess the user can scroll down past the last report to see the color but that doesn't really seem like an ideal work around


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