Agent Workspace: Keep content from internal note if changing to public reply

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  • DL

    +1 to this thread — the old Zendesk functionality (maintaining the drafted message between Internal and Public replies) was much easier to use for all of the reasons mentioned above by other users.

    Hopefully this thread is a reminder to Zendesk PMs to conduct a modicum of user research before making clumsy changes to common workflows.

  • Trevor Whitecotton

    +1 to this request. 

    Having recently updated to Suite and Agent Workspace to be able to utilize other features not available in Legacy, this change significantly impacts our agents' workflow.

    I think a button as proposed in #2 (above) could be a valuable option.

    "2. How about we introduce a button in internal notes composer that lets you either move content to the public email composer or directly send your content to the end user?"

    Would it be possible to (re-)implement this feature as a setting to be toggled on and off, like defaulting to internal vs. public?

  • Matt Goodall

    +1 We have always encouraged our agents to draft any responses using Internal Notes before sending, although now we have switched to Agent Workspace, this is creating additional steps for us

  • Leigh KELSEY

    I've added notes on other threads, but our team has shared that this is their biggest frustration with Agent Workspace that they've been testing before we upgrade next week. 

    This is the fourth company I've been a Zendesk admin for. At all of these companies, the standard practice has been to start a draft in Internal notes and, when it's ready, switch over to public comment before submitting your response.

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello all,

    I'm coming here with an update. We're currently exploring the best solution and have prioritized to start working on this project in Q2 this year. I understand the frustration with engaging on this post for a long time without getting any commitments. But, we appreciate your patience and are excited to bring a solution to you in the next few months. Thanks!

  • Luke Desmond

    Hallelujah! Thanks for the update Amisha... would love to help beta test if needed. 


  • Leigh KELSEY

    Thank you for the update, Amisha Sharma! Same as Luke above, we'd be glad to beta test.

  • Simon Blouner
    Community Moderator

    Hey Amisha Sharma

    In relation to your pinned comment, and the functionality to come:

    1. To us it makes sense making it available on all channel, to carry over drafts from private to public.

    2. To us it would be all channels - however, having the option to select channels, would be neat.

  • Jake Wartenberg

    We only use this feature for email, and we wouldn't need the option to turn it on or off for individual channels.  However, it's important to us that a "drafts" feature would allow the agent to choose after entering text to post as either an internal note or a public reply.

  • Dave Rooney (Transfer Agent)

    This is interesting. This is the first change in the new Agent Workspace that I've seen that seems like it might have an improvement to offer, although it conflicts with a lot of existing workflows. I absolutely value drafting a public reply in private, but I can also see value in doing both public and private updates at once. I wonder if there's a way to do both.


  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Dave Rooney - If you turn off the draft carry over setting, nothing would change for you, you'll be able to let each channel treat its own draft. If you turn on the setting, you will be able to choose if you want drafts to carry across all channels or only email or only messaging. 

  • Trevor Whitecotton

    Amisha Sharma

    Thank you very much for these updates!

    In response to your pinned comment from February 1st:

    1. Ideally, we'd like this to apply across all channels. We encourage our agents to draft all messages internally before converting them to public reply.

    2. To streamline the agent experience, we'd probably apply it across all channels.

  • Alek J Reed

    Hi Amisha Sharma! Thank you for soliciting feedback on this. One of our largest businesses came forward and advised that the clearing of comment when switching from internal note to public reply is causing inefficiencies in their workflow. They are a high volume contact center, so small inefficiencies can greatly impact their metrics.

    I asked them to summarize and they provided the following:

    We typically write our emails in the internal notes field, to ensure emails don’t get sent uncompleted and then we move it to public reply. In the old version, the entire email, including attachments would “roll over” and we could just send. Now, we have to copy and paste it in the public reply area.

    When they state 'new version', what they are referring to is that we recently upgraded them to Agent Workspace.

    I can't speak to other channels, as this is an email-only business.

    Please let us know if we can provide any additional details.

  • Nora

    +1 on this - we haven't migrated yet but this may be a big reason why

  • Faruk Karalija

    I'm reading 3, or 4 articles about internal/public notes.I can't see a clear and simple comeback.
    Please, once and for all:
    When we converted public in to internal note, after realising we made a mistake.
    Will be visible to the end user or the customer?


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