Federated search configuration button missing?

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  • CJ

    I did manage to find out why you don't have settings available there yet:
    You have to set up an API that is feeding info into this, before you can do anything with it, and the settings will apparently become available once the first piece of data is ingested. 

    Unfortunately, I also can't seem to find anything that actually explains what steps to take to do this, or even what endpoint the external articles should hit,  and the tutorials like the video in this blog post, skip that step. 


  • Liam Wilson (sandbox)

    Thank you CJ, I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't find this either, with the documentation it's almost in an infinite loop and most sources lead back to the original Federated search guide. 

    Are you still searching for answers on this as well?  I'll keep looking too, but it would be nice if anyone could assist in getting started with the API. We'll get there eventually 😄


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