Enable WYSIWYG formatting & HTML link pasting for messages

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing that feedback Simon. 

  • Angela Kim

    This would be a great benefit and win to have the ability to insert links and hyperlinks in Messaging since it already exists as a feature in Support and Live chat. 

    We have to manually restrategize all our 1000+ macros since hyperlinks are supported in Support and Chat but not not Messaging. 

    It is both a poor agent and end user experience as links appear in long form and makes it very clunky especially if they are inserted within the body of a macro

  • Dan Moore

    I agree.  I note that Many Zendesk Moderators are able to embed well formatted messages using Hyperlinks that are with proper text.  This can only be done if you are copying and pasting the information in from another program such as Microsoft Word.

    Example: https://usergroups.zendesk.com/become-a-group-leader/ 

    So make sure to fill out the User Group Interest form today to tell us what groups you want to see! 

    With the WYSIWYG it is not possible to properly format the URL so I am guessing that it is being pasted in from another tool.

    Why can't the WYSIWYG in Tickets be added to posts?

  • Teresa Peluso

    + 1 

  • Morane Shemtov

    It's a regression that we are not able to use WYSIWYG in Messaging !!


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