Build workflows that references external (non-ticket) data

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  • Joel Hellman

    Here is a few use cases. I know there are many more uses cases, please go ahead and add them.

    Easily turn on and turn off routing

    We build a RPA business process, and as developer tests the flow they manually route the candidate tickets. After the process is ready to release, we want to tickets to automatically be assigned to the RPA group. 

    • Meaning, we want a trigger that fires as new tickets are created, and assigns them to RPA group only if I have a field "Assign web orders to RPA" with the value "Checked".

    We have an RPA order process but for some reason it breaks. Tickets are rushing in and ending up in a messy state, building up a backlog that will be complicated to sort out. If this problem starts to occur, we want to quickly change the "Assign web orders to RPA" field to "Unchecked", so the RPA team can address the issue, while support manually handles the ticket.

    • Any admin could switch the "Assign web orders to RPA" from "Checked" to "Unchecked", without going into and changing the triggers. 

    Turn on “longer handle time” or “vacation” messages

    We want to add a notice about longer handle times. Our traffic operations or an integration could change the state of a global field like “Longer handle times”: “Checked” / “Unchecked”, and we would have triggers in place conditioned on that.

  • Joel Hellman

    To be clear. It's not that you technically couldn't find way to use tickets-related data or API/etc to build workflows off external data. But it's not built-in to Zendesk today, and it becomes complicated. Zendesk is complicated enough already, and I want better primitives to build my business processes.


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