Hide Unselected Conditional Fields in My Activity Page

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  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Hi Samynathan S! This is indeed possible. Please refer to this post for more information!

  • Samynathan S

    Hi Sam!, Thanks for your quick response,

    Yeah this post works for custom field whether we enter "-" in the field value, but am asking for conditional fields please refer for the below link. when we using this conditional field we don't have a chance to fill the field value as "-", because we display that field when we select the relevant field values. 


    Which I already mention in the post, ( if we select "Task" in the "Type" field, then only "Test" field popped up, if we select any other value in the "Type" field then "Test" field never popped up, then how we are enter that field value as "-". )

    And also your recommendation article hide all the field if the user leave the field as empty, but in my use case I want to show that what are the field am asking to the user and what are the field they didn't fill a values, am want to hide only the conditional field which are never opened
    Thanks you.


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