How do I make the wholw nav bar at the top one colour


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  • Ifra Saqlain
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    Hi Anton Van der meyden :),

    pick the main wrapper class of header, see how I did:



    Here, header class is parent class so CSS would be :

    .header  {background-color: black }


    If you have custom theme then your header parent class would be different (or may be):

    .header-wrapper {background-color: black }


    .header-outer {background-color: black }


    If you share the URL of HC then I can share exact code.

    If any confusion feel free to ask.




  • Anton Van der meyden

    Ifra Saqlain

    Hello Ifra,

    Thank you for the reply.

    It is not live yet to share the URL but I will play with what was suggested above to see if I can get it to work.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,



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