Feature Request: allow custom fields to display in Key Details on the customer profile page

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  • Jennifer Yim

    Hi Mistyamber,

    Thanks so much for your detailed feedback around this pain point you're experience with this new customer profile page. In fact, many customers have raised this painful experience of no longer being able to easily see custom user fields right from where the 'Key details' panel is. 

    To introduce myself, hello I'm Jennifer who is driving the Record Customization product that will allow customers to have full flexibility to customize which data contents (regardless of standard of custom fields) to display on different parts of the screen, starting with the left 'Key details' panel. The vision and the problem space is very clear after validating with some of our customers, so my team will be conducting further research and determining how to build the future phase of this product to allow any fields to be displayed for any objects including User in the way you and your agents see fit! We cannot provide the exact timeframe of when this build will be complete, but please be assured that we absolutely understand your pain and agent inefficiency and that we have it as the next item to build on our roadmap. 

    + Brett Elliott who is the Product Manager for the User and Organization profile pages. 

    Thanks so much for your patience and partnership with Zendesk! We will certainly keep you posted as something amazing is on its way to help remediate this pain point!

  • Mark Weissman

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is there an ETA for this amazing update?

  • Brett Elliott
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Mark and Mistyamber,

    I'm Brett, one of the Product Managers responsible for Zendesk's UI configuration. It's great to meet you both, and I'm excited to share some updates with you.

    I'm pleased to say that we're making solid progress in this area, starting with the introduction of a configurable Essentials Card in Agent Workspace, which is scheduled for release in June. This feature will allow administrators to define which User Fields are displayed in the Essentials Card, including Custom User Fields. Our goal is to improve agent efficiency by helping businesses bring their most important customer data into the ticketing experience.

    Our focus will soon shift to providing the same functionality for both Organizations and Custom Objects.

    Regarding Mistyamber's feedback on the Customer Profile Page, we're currently exploring solutions to address the concerns raised. While we don't have a roadmap for a solution yet, we're actively looking into it. We've heard similar feedback from other customers, which is why we haven't released the new Customer Profile Page from beta.

    Mistyamber, I believe we're emailing at the moment to organize a time to talk about this type of configuration, which I'm looking forward to. Mark, I'd also like to extend the same offer to you. If you're interested in discussing your needs in this area and possible solutions, let me know, and I'll reach out to you privately.


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