Restrict Agent Access to Certain End Users

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  • Dan Moore

    Has there been an update to this feature request?  We also have agents that we need to disable access to specific organizations and end users.  Are there any tools to allow us to make this happen?


    • Organization Acme > Visible to Agent Adam, Baker, David > Not visible to Agent Charlie
    • Users and tickets from Acme, same.  
  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi both,

    We are currently working on enabling multiple departments in one instance. Part of the features is the limitation of end user access if you don't belong to that department. 

    e.g. if I'm in Brand A, agent A, I can't access end user info that has interacted with Brand B.

    If you're on a an enterprise plan AND would like to help us test prototype for multi dept (and eventually partitioned end user access), please schedule time with me here.


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