Real-world examples of Jira Integrations with Zendesk


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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi Chris, I wrote up a User Tip for this 

    I did a live training that discusses some of the real world info you're looking for possibly-- starts at minute ~47 here 

  • Chris Green

    Thanks Heather Rommel - I'll take a look at this.

  • Chris Green

    Heather Rommel - this was great and exactly an example I was looking for. If you have any more resources related to this workflow, I'd love for you to share. 

    Thanks again,


  • Chris Green

    Heather Rommel - would love to pick your brain in another setting. Would you be willing to chat via email or through another format? 

    I specifically wanted to find out how you handle problems vs. incidents in your ZD --> Jira integration. 



  • Marwan Al Jeburi

    Hi Chris Green,

    Let me start by answering your specific questions first:

    1. Once you create a Jira issue, do you close out the ZD ticket, do you use a custom status, etc? 
      // This will depend on your needs, you can sync the status between the two that that they close when one of them get closed. This is the most common route as it keeps both systems in the same state to avoid confusion.

    2. How do you go about keeping track of the issues that move from ZD to Jira? 
      // This will really depend on what you require to follow up on, if you //implement status sync between the two this might not be needed.
    3. What are you using for communication to the end user/requester during the entire process? 
      // This is mostly done trough the comment functionality, to keep it very similar to the normal use of the tickets.

    We've been integrating these solutions for many years and have come across a wide variety of needs and requirements. If you would like you can get in touch with us where you can simply provide some basic information regarding your integration needs and we can help you define how this can be implemented. Possibly show you some examples of this as well.

    This is requires no further commitment from your end.

    Have a look on the Exalate website.


    Also possibly have a look at the blog posts featuring the integration you are looking for: Exalate Blog Posts


    Kind regards,



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