Suspended tickets

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  • Nick Meisenheimer

    I wan't to piggyback on this request, specifically point 3:  Can "suspension rules filter" be modified by us?

    We support the Android community heavily and being an unconfigurable part of the suspension rules filter is seriously hurting our ability to respond to customers.

    *This comment was made as requested by the support agent in

  • John Witt

    +1 on 1).

    I don't care if the ticket is suspended, but in some cases like a no-reply@ this means an external system has processed our request. Having a specific view for a team lead to associate this to an ongoing ticket helps improve the workflow (since Zendesk removes the tag if associated with an ongoing ticket), so if I can intercept it via trigger I can create a new ticket with specific tags to alert and associate.

    I know that we can add no-reply aliases as whitelist, but even in the article it states it might not get through, and we have so many systems we likely can't track all of them.



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