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  • Sydney Neubauer

    Hi Georgi we had the same issue. We were able to get something similar to work. We weren't able to use the OOO app at all as it would not meet our needs.

    Here is what we ended up doing:

    1. Create a custom user field checkbox - this is for Agents to click when they are OOO
    2. We use a webhook to check the Assignee user fields to see if the checkbox is checked for every ticket created and updated
    3. If it is, it adds a tag to the ticket and an autoresponder is sent out to the requester (the requester & CC's email option does not work as they have built in suppression rules)
    4. Once message is sent, the tag that was originally added is removed so it can be checked again (an automation removes it after 24 hours so only one notification is sent every day)
  • Georgi

    Thanks Sydney Neubauer 

    I doubt the proposed solution meets our need for live chat support having many chats opened at the same time.

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager


    We have a feature due for release in July that will address this in omnichannel routing, you can specify that if an agent is in a specific state (e.g. offline or away) that if a ticket reopens it is automatically reassigned to some other agent within the group

  • Georgi

    Thanks Barry Neary

    Is it going to apply only when a ticket reopens or we will be able to set rules (triggers) in what scenarios to run?

    Like - if an agent is in a specific state (e.g. offline or away) and the requester replies, then ...

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    It is the latter - you can set it up so if agent is in status Y and an email and/or message is reopened then assign back to group

  • Stefanie

    Hi Barry Neary,

    The current solution is great, but applies only to reopens.

    How can we ensure that emails and conversations are immediately reassigned when the assignee goes Offline whilst they have Open assigned tickets?

    I understand that Zendesk is going for "continuing the conversation with the same agent". But we're going for "Offering the customer help when they need it. Not just when the Assignee is available."

    Any insights and tips would be much appreciated!


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