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  • Sending multiple tickets to a list of email addresses

    We need to be able to send a mass message out to our customer base.  I have a list of email addresses, but I can't see how to send the same message to all these members in bulk?   

  • Prevent articles from showing in search

    Hi, I've just installed the new instant search tool (beta) which is great. However, I want to prevent certain articles from appearing in here. Is there a way to exclude articles from search?

  • Hiding attachment/system fields on ticket form

    Our workflow means that we have a few different ticket forms. Not every ticket form requires a attachment, subject or description, so I need a way to hide these 3 fields but only on certain forms. ...

  • Help Center - design/links

    We have created our Zendesk Help Center and the way that this has been built is that the title of the category is hardcoded into the coding. This is problematic as every time we want to change the ...

  • Solving tickets on mass

    Just to give you a bit of background on our workflow.  We have a LOT of views setup, which includes excluding any tickets that aren't relevant (these tickets don't get closed, we just never see the...

  • Change the colour of the placeholder {{ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted}}

    I need to change the colour of the text on an email template trigger I have set up.  The placeholder I'm using is {{ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted}}. Rather than the agents having to change...

  • Removed cc still being copied in when replying by email

    An agent was part of an email chain, with various end-users who use email.  One of the end users removed one of the ccs (it was very important that this user didn't see the content of the email) ho...

  • Make email chain look like normal email


    We often have email chains between staff in our company (who are 'staff' and light agents), and people outside the company (end users), cc'd in to the chain. When our Zendesk agents reply, it copi...