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  • Org data in Community stats in Explore

    Thank you for adding the community info to Explore. I just created a dashboard to get my stats each month that I need to report on. As someone that is not technical, it is great that I can get the ...

  • Latest Posts Not Loading

    We have customized our Zendesk community to have a tab showing the latest posts. Earlier this week I went into this screen and noticed that it was not loading properly.  We have been through the c...

  • Show if user is suspended in user list


    Hi Zendesk Community,  I am hoping that someone with some technical ability can help me with something. We do regular audits with our customers in regards to what users should be active in Zendesk ...

  • Organization on Hold

    Hi Zendesk Community!  I am really hoping someone has some suggestions on how we can better manage the below process.  Our customers pay a yearly support contract as well as invoices throughout the...

  • Group names in Explore

    Last night we had to make a few changes to our group names. All we did was add one word to each group name to help clarify which business unit it belongs to. Explore reports look at the name instea...

  • Improve filtering capabilities

    Feature Request Summary:  Add more capabilities to the filtering in Zendesk - ability to exclude options, multi select boxes instead of the drop down that you must click on, scroll, and select eac...

  • Reporting on Gather in Explore


    It would be really helpful if we could report on Gather in Explore like we can for Support and Guide. I currently have to use Google Analytics and Zendesk APIs to get these numbers for our reportin...

  • Permanently close a ticket

    We create a task ticket when a customer wants their software to be upgraded. We use that ticket to communicate with them throughout the process and then close it out once the update has been applie...

  • Easily link to a Community Post

    Good morning!  I love how easy it is to link to an article when creating a new article in the Guide. Everyone on our team that writes KB articles finds this useful. As the Community Manager, I freq...