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  • Support fields turning blue

    Does anybody know why certain fields sometimes turn blue after submitting a ticket?  It doesn't do it every time and on tickets with exactly the same workflow and trigger sometimes it does, sometim...

  • Guide (Help Center) coding genius assistance needed!


    I want to have a pop-up modal appear on the new requests page.  I have it working as I want with the below code.  The problem I'm having is: When the page opens it pops up (good).  But when the for...

  • Removing extra space after thousands separator

    I'm sure it's something I did but I can't figure it out!  Why is there an extra space on certain KPI reports and not others (see orange text compared to purple)?  The settings are the same. Thanks ...

  • How do I set-up "Knowledge" in Agent Workspace?

    I can't find an article that helps.  If I understand how the knowledge function is supposed to work in Agent Workspace (perhaps I don't), when I click on the knowledge sidebar icon it should search...

  • Random background color on lists

    Lately I've noticed that in my views, and when working in Admin Center and looking at my list of triggers (for example, and others) that some lines are randomly highlighted.  Anyone else experienci...

  • Status in HC my activities needs to be customizable


    Mapping the ticket status (system defaults) to show only 3 (open, solved, awaiting..) on the My Activities page in Help Center needs to change to reflect the actual status. For example, we use "pen...

  • Show/hide help center element (hyperlink)


    Hi Community! I'm somewhat of a novice at html/css, but can perform simple customizations of our help center.   However, this one eludes me and the couple of articles I found were a little confusin...