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  • Prepping for Corporate Domain Change


    Hello, all!  Our company is changing our domain and I'm trying to document all of the things I need to make sure get updated. I could use some extra brains to help me. :)  Our subdomain will not be...

  • Help w/Tickets but not phones

    I have agents in two groups representing two tiers. Both teams handle tickets and calls in their respective groups. Calls and tickets for each tier are routed to their groups. Occasionally I need a...

  • Trigger for No Organization

    I'm trying to create a trigger to update a ticket field when an org doesn’t exist in our system yet. I have tried following the instructions provided in this article, however I’m not seeing a “-” o...

  • Ticket Group at time of creation

    I need to be able to report on how many tickets were created in Group A. It is irrelevant where they ended up, I only care about where they started. Thanks!

  • Guide Views in Explore

    I'm trying to do a report on # of views for our Help Center. Because we have several subsections with the same title (for example, there is a "Getting Started" subsection for each of our products) ...

  • Explore: Tickets per agent at time of creation

    One of my teams is doing client outreach for subscription renewals. I am trying to track how many tickets they are creating for the initial outreach so I can set goals on how many they should be do...

  • Switching Field Types

    Currently I have a custom drop-down field called "Issue Type", but because we frequently get tickets that have to do with multiple issues, I want my staff to be able to use a multi-select field. Th...

  • Phrase Search in Guide Admin

    I'm trying to find all articles with a specific phrase so I can get rid of it. Many of our articles were written before my time at the company and contain an annoying "This article will" phrase at ...

  • Satisfaction Rating Report Confusion


    Hello, community! I've noticed when reporting on satisfaction that the data seems to be inaccurate. For example, I looked at the satisfaction report for solved tickets last week, saw a Bad rating a...

  • Explore - Saving Dashboard Dates


    The date range for the Zendesk-created dashboards in Explore are set to automatically be for the last 30 days as soon as you visit the dashboard. I cannot get my own dashboards to mimic this behavi...