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  • Read CC organization

    I need to update the trigger that notifies the requester of comment update, that if the requester's organization is external (one that is not from our company) or the CC' organization as well is ex...

  • Ticket attachments


    Is it possible to make attachments open directly on their respective programs like word, and pdf, instead of having to download everything?    

  • User guide?


    Is there any page with the main articles an agent would need to work on tickets and anything related to their permissions?  I already have this link: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories...

  • Problemas com Encaminhamento Omnichannel

    O encaminhamento omnichannel está ativado em minha conta com as regras de capacidade. Quando meus agentes ficam online, eles recebem automaticamente mais tickets do que a capacidade deles permite. ...

  • How to make attachment field required on web form for customers?

    I've been searching to find a way to make zendesk attachment field required and I found this documentation: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409515169946-Requiring-a-ticket-att...

  • How can I bulk import articles from csv or excel files into zendesk guide?


    Is there anway to import articles in bulk to zendesk Guide? I have more than 2 thousand articles and I'd like to import those ones in bulk without having to create article by article.

  • Zendesk integration with Jira

    I've set up an integration between zendesk and Jira, and I've heared people say that is possible to sync zendesk ticket status with the status on the tasks on Jira, That means if I change the statu...

  • Dashboard creation


    Hello! I'd like to know if it is possible to create a dashboard that shows how many tickets an agent did not accept. Important: the routing is set by "Assigned" as on the image below:   So for exa...

  • Instagram Integration

    I've integrate the instagram into the account, but when a costumer replies an story asking something about that story, I can't see which story they are reffering to, so I have to go into the app, a...

  • Tickets vindos como SPAM


    Todos os tickets da minha base estão chegando como SPAM e não consigo resolver, até mesmo de usuários finais.