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    Merijn criou uma publicação,

    Macro's with tags


    Hello all, I wonder if there is a solution for this matter.  I'm trying to create a ticket subject using ticket tags, I know about this option {{ticket.tags}}, but I have a few difficulties.  The t...

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    Merijn criou uma publicação,

    3 different images as signature

    Dear all,   As far I found out, it seems not to be possible to do so, however maybe 1 of you has an idea.  We're using 3 different images as signature: an image in Dutch, another in French and a la...

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    Merijn comentou,

    Hello, I hope someone can help me.  Till yesterday I used this code in Zendesk to reveal the mailaddress of an CC. {% if ticket.cc_names != empty %}   {% capture ccedusers %}   {% for cc in ticket....