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  • Set Chat Hours for different countries

    How do we make the chat widget visible in different hours for different countries? We don't want the US night-time customers to influx the chat queue when it is open for Australia customers, vice-v...

  • How to add Generic English to Guide?

    We want to add languages without locales in our Help Center. We can add a generic Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. but there is no generic English. How do we remove English (US), and just use Eng...

  • Dynamic Content - Bulk Delete

    We recently removed 2 languages from our Help Center, and I wanted to bulk-delete the dynamic content. I'm disappointed that this functionality is not available natively. I have to open 100+ dynami...

  • Guide Data Analytics in Explore


    It'd be great to integrate the Guide analytics data in Insights/Explore, as we'd like to create reports for articles with the highest votes, comments, views, etc. The default view is not sufficient...

  • Filter language in search

    How do we filter the search for only English articles? The results are now showing all the languages which is confusing our agents.

  • Slugs not added in URL


    When I click on an article from the search bar suggestions, the slugs don't get added to the URL. They do get added if I navigate to any article via Categories > Sections. I don't know if this is a...

  • How to remove Google+ from social sharing and add Pinterest?


    I'd like to remove Google+ from social sharing options and add Pinterest instead (Google+ is going to die in Aug 2019). Any pointers?

  • Zendesk Guide - Tabs inside articles


    I'd like to create tabs inside our help articles to separate platform-specific information (screenshot below from Gmail support). How do we do this in Zendesk Guide? Is there a script/CSS that can ...

  • Status as a column in Views


    Is it not possible to have “Ticket Status” as one of the column in Zendesk Views? Either I’m missing something basic, or it is a HUGE oversight.

  • Trigger to close the chat after being idle for 10 mins


    I want to create couple of triggers: 1. Send a message to customer, "Are you there?" if they haven't replied for 2 mins. 2. End the chat with a message if there's no reply for 10 mins. Is this poss...